Security is not a product, but a process. – Bruce Schneier

A strong cybersecurity practice is the bedrock of your business. HyperEdge Technologies enables your peace of mind through a holistic approach to security. From advanced technologies to security services, including employee awareness training, our focus is your security.


  • Detect status alerts from potential threats from Endpoints, Email, suspicious files, domains, IP’s or URL’s
  • Visibility to find and confirm threats within the network via automation capabilities
  • Accelerate threat hunting


  • Quickly determine location of threat and how
  • View results through relational graphs and timelines
  • Employee training to identify nefarious attempts


  • Track incidents; collect and triage incidents
  • Manage threats and document your progress to share with team
  • Simplify management


  • On a single console, respond to verified threat via Cisco Security platform
  • 3rd party integrations
  • Incident management
  • Simplicity of response