Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships. – Michael Jordan

While gone are the days of teams being in the same office or even the same time zone, that doesn’t mean that working closely in real-time with our colleagues has become any less important. Particularly in a world where businesses rely on teams that are grappling to connect with one another over numerous devices, locations, and time zones to meet deadlines, stay engaged, and innovate.

Unified Experience

  • On Prem or in the Cloud
  • Handset, PC, MAC, Laptop, Mobile Device, Room Kit, or other
  • Voice, Video, Conferencing, Whiteboarding, Contact Center, Text, File sharing, Chat, plus thousands of integrations

Simple & Intuitive

  • Ease of Integration, Management, and Interoperability
  • Highly Engaged User Experience
  • Streamlined workflows


  • Conversations never go away (unless you want them too)
  • Files, Whiteboards, Images, are kept with the conversation
  • Transcription and Recording


  • Enterprise Security is built in not bolted on
  • Exceeds compliance requirements
  • Global Support Team